How many answers does grepper show?

Grepper will show 2 answers at most. If there is only 1 or no answer for a particular query then Grepper will only show 1 or no answers.

How does grepper determine what answers to show?

The first answer grepper shows will be the answer that has the best feedback for that particular search term. The second answer is the “contender” answer and is randomly selected, if its receives good feedback then it will become the “champ” and start showing as the first answer.

How do I add an answer to Grepper?

There are two ways:

1.) After you search a technical problem, click the “<< Add Grepper Answer (a)” link at the top of your google search results, or just press (a).

2.) After you search a technical problem, and click into a webpage or forum that has the result you can press Ctrl-g or Command-g for mac, and the Grepper editor will open up and you can input and save your answer for that technical search.

How much does Grepper cost?

Grepper is free for individual Developers.

How does Grepper make money?

Grepper stays in business by receiving commissions from products that the Grepper Developer Community loves. Learn how the Grepper products rating system works.

If you have a question we are missing reach out to us at support@codegrepper.com or on twitter @codegrepper.