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Error: expected undefined to be a graphql schema.

if you are getting this error Error: Expected undefined to be a GraphQL schema 

it's because You're not passing in a schema to your configuration for the /graphql endpoint. Property names are case-sensitive in javascript. Change this:

to this :

or make your variable lowercase and then do:

The simplest way to run a GraphQL API server is to use Express, a popular web application framework for Node.js. You will need to install two additional dependencies:

Let's modify our “hello world” example so that it's an API server rather than a script that runs a single query. We can use the 'express' module to run a webserver, and instead of executing a query directly with the graphql function, we can use the express-graphql library to mount a GraphQL API server on the “/graphql” HTTP endpoint:

You can run this GraphQL server with:


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