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JavaScript - (Add Interactivity)

The Programming language made in 10 days.

JavaScript is a high level, interpreted, dynamically typed programming language that is used to add interactivity and dynamic behavior in static websites. After the release of NodeJS it is now also being used for server side application development that makes it a programming language for both frontend and backend. 

JavaScript is also extensively used in mobile application development using frameworks like React Native, Ionic and Native Script. It is also used in Game development hence it is a multipurpose programming language that is a must learn in 2022.

JavaScript is a multi paradigm programming language support both functional and object oriented programming paradigm.

Hello World Program in JavaScript: 

Because of being a interpreted programming language JavaScript can execute code line by line and does not require a proper structure to be created first like a class in Java and main function in C.

JavaScript has all the feature that a programming language should have.

DOM (Document Object Model)

In DOM HTML is treated as a tree like structure. When a html document is loaded in browser it is rendered as a tree of nodes where each node represents a single element on the web page. These nodes can then be accessed via JavaScript using referencing and change the behavior of elements.

Some of the actions of DOM in JavaScript?

 - Change/Remove HTML elements in the DOM/on the page.                                                               - Change and add CSS styles to elements                                                                                           - Read and change attributes (href, src, alt), etc.                                                                                   - Create new elements and insert them into the DOM/page. - Attach event listeners to elements (click, keypress, submit)

JavaScript in 100 Seconds By Fireship (YouTube)



Learn JavaScript Online

MDN (Mozilla Developer Network)

Free Code Camp

Other Resources (For Backend and etc.):

W3Schools Node JS 

Scrimba Learn React

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