My Grepper Contributor Coins (GREPCC)

About Grepper ( Grepper is a platform to help developers solve technical problems. Grepper is powered by an amazing community of 200k(and growing fast) developers. Developers within the community contribute answers to technical problems primarily through the Grepper browser extension which allows a user to quickly add a “code snippet” as an answer to a problem they ran into and recently solved. At present the community has put in 318k answers, which together have been viewed over 62 million times. Grepper Contributor Coin (GREPCC) alt text The purpose of GREPCC is to provide a fun reward system as incentive for developers to contribute answers, feedback, engagement and content to the Grepper community. “Grepper Contributor Coin (GREPCC)” is a social token built on the Solana blockchain. How GREPCC Is Distributed GREPCC is distributed to Grepper Contributors through two broad means: User Tips & Top Quality Answers. User Tips Grepper users with a white belt and above will be able to give a certain number of GREPCC tips to other users. The number of tips a user can give daily depends on their belt ranking. Developer Belt Ranking Tips Per Day (1 GREPCC per Tip) No Belt 0 White Belt 1 Yellow Belt 2 Orange Belt 3 Green Belt 5 Blue Belt 8 Purple Belt 12 Brown Belt 20 Black Belt 30 Top Quality Answers Coins will be minted on a daily basis, to users who have contributed helpful answers/content to Grepper. Initially 1 GREPCC will be issued per answer per day for answers that rank in the top 30% quality score. Additionally, in order to prevent spam answers, for “bad answers” (answers that have a quality score in the bottom 20% of answers) 1 GREPCC will be deducted from that day's earnings. Ex: Sally has inputted 20 Grepper answers, 10 of which have a quality score that fall within the top 30% of answers and 2 of which fall within the bottom 20% of answers. Sally will earn 8 newly minted GREPCC per day. If Sally sets the 2 bad answers to private or deletes them, then those answers will not be deducted from her earnings, so she will earn 10 GREPCC a day. Users can’t earn negative coins daily, so if a user only has 2 answers and they are both bad, they will simply earn 0 GREPCC a day. Good Answers (Top 30%): At present in order to be in the top 30% an answer must have a quality score of .93 or about ~1. This number should increase slightly as the quality score of all answers increase. Bad Answers (Bottom 20%): At present this number is a quality score of less than ~0. This number should increase slightly as the quality score of all answers increase. Quality Score: The thrust of an answers “quality score” is to get a number on how “helpful” an answer is to other developers, this is a little tricky and may be adjusted in order to better capture “helpfulness”. At present an answer's “quality score” is calculated based on a weighted number of upvotes, downvotes and copies it gets relative to views . Quality Score = (upvotesupvoteWeight) + (copiescopyWeight) - (downvotes*downvoteWeight ) / (views) The Grepper Shop Grepper Contributor Coins can be used to redeem prizes from the Grepper Shop.


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